How to select the APT health cover?

We all believe in the age old saying that ‘health is wealth’. However, with increasing medical costs it is becoming increasingly difficult for the common man to deal with emergency medical expenses. In comparison with its global counterparts, India today has one of the highest out of pocket spends at 61% which is a clear indication of the humongous stress on one’s budget and savings. To add to the woes of inflation going northwards, lifestyle changes and other environmental factors are adding to the rise in medical disorders and acute diseases. Taking note of the above mentioned factors and uncertainty…... Read More

Investment Options for Retired People

Would you want to enjoy life in your retirement days or let these unplanned events ruin your peace time to time? Imagine yourself in your 60’s, having morning tea with your beloved spouse in the garden of your house. This is a peaceful moment you always wanted to share with your life partner, without having to worry about numerous liabilities. Suddenly your daughter and son – in – law inform you about their upcoming vacation plan, which they want to spend with you. Conflicting situation isn’t it? You can enjoy with your children for few days. At the same time,…... Read More

Aged Couple Murdered!

In a gruesome incident, an old couple – D.K. Murthy Chetty, 70, and Ramadevi, 65 – was brutally murdered at their house in Gajjalavaripalle village of Chowdepalle mandal in the early hours of Monday. The couple had been living in the village since two decades, and their three daughters were married a decade ago. Murthy Chetty runs a fair price shop at Kolimpalle village in the same mandal. He also has a money lending and pawn brokering business. Going by the scene of the murder, the police said that the culprits could have thoroughly watched the couple for a long…... Read More