Elixir will operate on a lease model wherein there is an upfront deposit and a monthly service fee. The lease model underscores our commitment to maintaining high quality standards and delivering exemplary services across infrastructure, amenities and facilities – for Life!

The occupancy plan is conceived on a monthly fee basis and a refundable deposit rather than outright sale. Our model demonstrates our commitment to quality standards and management on a long term basis, ensuring that the essence of our retirement community is preserved.

Our purpose is to enable a full & fulfilling life for all our senior members. Elixir aspires to be a community which cures all ills and helps the members regain their youthfulness. We facilitate your journey through what should be a period filled with fun, happiness, companionship, and emotional well being, where you can live an active life devoid of boredom, insecurity, loneliness and day to day hassles.