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With Elixir emergency services, you can have peace of mind that comes from
knowing that there is someone to reach out in case any emergency arises.
Help is just a button away!
Our response team will assist you, conference calls with required personnel and
dispatch necessary help required immediately. We will stay in line with you
until the emergency is resolved.
It is convenient for you as your family or friends may not able to reach out to
you on time or be equipped to handle the emergency.
You can avail this service with a mobile device specially designed for seniors. .

What kind of Emergencies?

Health / Medical Emergency

 Falls & other such accidents
 Breathlessness
 Stroke
 Cardiac arrest
 Any other major emergencies

Security & other Emergencies

 Theft / Burglary
 Harassment
 Extortion
 Fire Accidents
 Other such Emergencies

Any add-on’s apart from the above listed emergencies?

We don’t interact with our customers only when in need of emergencies. We interact with them on a regular basis. To ensure the well-being of our customers, we visit them periodically and a pat call to greet the senior citizen is also part of our services.

Where is the service being launched?

For now, we plan to start the services in the areas of Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills

Would the service fee leave a hole in my pocket?

No! Absolutely not! The service fee is as low as 599 INR per month.

When would it be launched?

We are expecting to kick-start the services at the earliest, however, to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of our service, we have planned to execute it once the number of subscriptions reach 150.

How is it different from 108 Ambulance Services?

With the increase in nuclear families, senior citizens are living alone today. In case of emergencies, where we tend to panic, we wouldn’t have time to dial a number and explain the situation to the person on the other end of the phone. This is possible only when more than 2/3 people are in reach at the time of the emergency.

A senior citizen can just press the Emergency Button and leave the rest to Elixir. The call is automatically forwarded to the Elixir Team when the Senior Citizen presses and holds the button for 5 seconds. After receiving the call, Elixir scans the nature of the call ( Theft/ Health Emergency/ Other Emergencies ) and dispatches the Rescue Team immediately. Even when the person is not able to talk and explain the situation we would dispatch the Rescue team to the customer.

The Rescue Team reaches the Senior Citizen at the earliest, as we have the address of the Customer pre-stored with us, which would be taken at the time of registration. This saves time, during emergencies every second matters.

The most important part of our service is, Elixir doesn’t just interact only in case of an emergency, but maintains a regular contact with the senior citizens. A pat call to ensure the well-being and a periodic visit will be under taken.

Do I have to buy a special device to avail these services?
You can avail these services using your mobile phone. Elixir’s Emergency Service Number would be stored in the Speed Dial list in your mobile. All you have to do is press and hold the speed dial number for 5 seconds.

While you can use your mobile phone, it is preferable to have a phone with friendly features for seniors. Elixir has sourced one such phone manufactured by a leading consumer electronics retail chain. The phone has all features such as an emergency SOS button, Big keys/icons and bright display, wireless FM, phone-stand cum charger and Talk-Back option while dialing numbers.

I’m interested and would like to subscribe for this service. Whom do I contact?

You can mail us contact details at info@elixircommunities.com One of us would call you and explain the services in detail.

Are there any other services apart from this for senior citizens?

Apart from the Emergency Mobile Services, we have the following services -
Insurance for Senior Citizens
SMS services
Email Subscription Services

To know more about the Insurance Services, mail us your contact details at info@elixircommunities.com

For SMS Services, all you have to do is mail us your mobile number to info@elixircommunities.com with a brief note saying why would you like to receive a SMS from Elixir. You would be receiving jokes/ thoughts/ news/ articles/ updates etc.,

For Email Subscription Services, visit our website, www.elixircommunities.com and drop your Email ID in the Subscription Box. You would be receiving Emails on Current Affairs/ Jokes/ Health Related Articles/ Updates/ Thoughts/ News, etc.,

Join us on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/elixir.communities

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