How to be prepared for a medical emergency

Life is unpredictable. Nothing can be taken for granted and least of all – one’s health. Though maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting regular health check-ups will go a long way in preventing emergency situations, sometimes one just can’t be prepared enough. Here’s what you can do to be prepared well enough when faced with medical emergencies: a) First-aid box – the best thing to have handy when faced with situations involving wounds, burns, cuts etc, whether it’s at home or office. A basic first aid box must contain an antiseptic solution, burnol, sterile cotton, gauze , adhesive medicated plasters,…... Read More

A new year gift for senior citizens soon

KOCHI: Police will soon launch a programme to ensure the security of senior citizens, who are staying alone in the city. Each senior citizen will be given a 'patta' book and a policeman, visiting their homes once a week, will record his remarks and the details of the visit. City police decided to expedite the implementation of the senior citizen protection scheme after a 75-year-old woman was robbed at knife-point by two thieves at her residence on November 13, 2011. During the initial stage, city police will implement the patta book system in 50 homes under the central police station…... Read More