About Us

Elixir Communities Pvt Ltd is promoted by a successful technology company and a leading healthcare player in Asia.

It is envisaged that Elixir Communities will offer a higher quality of life to its residents than those who are living independently in their own homes as Elixir will not only provide the best of facilities & services but also a vibrant community with activity and friendships.

In fact the aim of Elixir is not just to provide an aesthetic environment and great services but go beyond. The true goal of Elixir is to build communities where seniors can live an active and joyful life devoid of boredom, insecurity, loneliness and day to day hassles.

The occupancy plan is conceived on a monthly fee basis and a refundable deposit rather than outright sale. Our model demonstrates our commitment to quality standards and management on a long term basis, ensuring that the essence of our retirement community is preserved.